Indigenous Police

Indigenous Police

0 12 minutes 2021

Three Sami men travel to the capital of Norway. One of them is wearing gákti, the Sami traditional costume, to attract Norwegian women.  The second one believes it unethical to do this, and the third is bitter that he doesn't attract women when he wears the gákti. Koftepolitiet is a Sami short film told with humour and political sting. It is an identity satire about how people, both the Sámi and the majority population, consciously and unconsciously define what is the right way to be Sami.

Language: Norwegian and Northern Sámi

Subtitles: Norwegian and English

Type: Sami
Category: Short
Genre: Comedy
Director: Egil Pedersen
Producer: Mathis Ståle Mathisen
Actor: Mikkel Gaup, Sverre Porsanger, Ingor Ántte Áilu Gaup, Anette Amelia Hoff Larsen, Birgitte Larsen, Mary Sarre
Script: Egil Pedersen
Country: Norway
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