Sapmifilm A unique world of Sámi and Indigenous films

Sapmifilm is a film streaming service offering you a unique collection of Sámi and Indigenous films. This streaming service is available for both the institutional and private end consumer market in the geographical territory of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland and Canada.

Responsible distributor is The International Sami Film Institute (ISFI). The service is developed in close cooperation with Norgesfilm AS. The technical platform is developed by Norgesfilm AS.

Start by creating a user account and sign up for a monthly subscription of NOK 59,- per month (incl. VAT). Then you can browse through the catalog, click on the film you want to play and start watching. Some films must be rented individually. These are available 48 hours after payment. The subscription lasts until you stop it. There is no locking period and you can terminate the subscription at any time by logging into "My Page" and unsubscribe. There is a one month's notice period, running from the first day of the following month after the subscription has been terminated. You have ordinary access to Sapmifilm for the whole period.

Only films included in the subscription service can be used by both private end consumers, schools, libraries and other public institutions. The films for rent have rights cleared only for private end consumers. Read more about Education and Institutions here.


Microsoft Win10

Chrome 61+ (Chromecast)
MS Edge 79+ (Chromecast)
MS Edge Legacy 16+
Firefox 60+ (DRM must be enabled by the user) (Chromecast)
Opera 48+
Apple MacOS 10.11+

Safari version 11+ (Airplay)
Chrome 61+ (Chromecast)
Google Android 7.0+

Chrome (Chromecast)
Samsung Internet 12+
Apple iOS 12+

Safari (Airplay)
Apple iPadOS 13+

Safari (Airplay)
Linux - LTS desktop Ubuntu

Chrome 61+ (Chromecast)
Firefox 60+

The player might work on other browsers, but is not tested.

Yes. This is supported from Win10, MacOS, Android and Apple iOS/IpadOS

Are Cookies being used?

Yes. Cookies are being used to improve the user experience of Sápmifilm.

Why does the film stop playing?

There are several potential reasons why the playback can stop and why the films may start buffering. A poor or unstable internet connection can affect playback. You can try stopping and restarting the film or restarting your browser. Further, you can choose a lower bitrate by clicking the Settings icon in the player. Other programs running, ie. downloading of system updates or larger files (desktop devices), may influence the playback of the film and should not be run simultaneously.

Do the films have subtitles?

Yes, most films have subtitles in English.

Can I connect to the service regardless of my location?

No. The films can only be watched from an IP address within Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada and Greenland. You can see your IP address here.

Can I buy films for full ownership?

No. You can only hire the content through a subscription or renting films individually.

Can I download the films?

No. Due to rights, you can only watch the films through continuously streaming over the internet.