0 4 minutes 2020

Shelter (Suodji) is a short film adaptation of an old story from Utsjoki, Sápmi, to the present. It is a legend of what the director's relative, Ovllá-Ivvár Helander, did during the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 in Utsjoki. Ovllá decided to fool Death and take his fate into his own hands. 

Film is in North Sámi, subtitles available in English.

Type: Sami
Category: Short
Genre: Drama
Director: Marja Helander
Producer: Studio Marja Helander
Actor: Marja Helander, Aslak Paltto, Niiles-Ánde Harlin, Pia Andell, Esa Illi
Script: Marja Helander, Mauri Lähdesmäki
Country: Finland
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