The Last Walk - Northwest Territories

The Last Walk - Northwest Territories

12 15 minutes 2016

The film follows two sisters for whom past events have torn their close relationship apart. Many years after being separated through tragic events, they journey to find answers as a mysterious being influences their path.

The Last Walk short film collective is outcome of International Sámi Film Institute's initiative Arctic Film Circle. Filmmakers from the circumpolar areas scripted a common Indigenous story and adapted the story to their communities in Alaska, Northwest Territories and Kalaallit Nunaat. 

The Last Walk - three short films tell an universal story that simultaneously highlights the common experiences that Indigenous People have undertaken. 

Type: Other indigenous
Category: Short
Genre: Drama
Director: Jerri Thrasher
Producer: Artlerss Collective Inc, International Sámi Film Institute
Actor: Tiffany Ayalik, Kayley McKay
Script: Jerri Thrasher, Arctic Film Circle
Country: International
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