0 15 minutes 2009

In 1934 on the serene Navajo reservation, Mary Jane spends her time daydreaming and tending to her family’s flock of sheep. Mary Jane lives under the ways and guidance of her Másání (grandmother). When Mary Jane’s older sister Anne Mae flees from boarding school, she returns to the reservation with a world geography book. The images in the book reveal new worlds that are “just over the mountain.” Conflicted by her obedient nature and her curious imagination, Mary Jane must privately decide her own fate; whether to maintain her typical lifestyle alongside the sheep and Másání or to depart into the exotic unknowns of the world expressed on the pages of the book.

Film is in Diné language, subtitled in English.

Type: Other indinginous
Category: Short
Genre: Drama
Director: Blackhorse Lowe
Producer: David Stevens, Nanobah Becker, Heather Rae, Chad Burris
Actor: Brigadier Brown, Noelle Brown, Carmelita B. Lowe, Larry A. Lowe, Mark Camrud, June Lowe
Script: Blachorse Lowe
Country: USA
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