Ima hutkosat: Geahppa gápmagat

0 3 minutes 2015

Reindeer fur shoes are the best shoes in the world!

Music videos from Ima hutkosat children's CD album are short stories for children made in Buolbmatjávri, Ohcejohka and Anár. 

Song lyrics are written by Inger-Mari Aikio, the director of Ima hutkosat music videos, and composing by Hildá Länsman and Niillas Holmberg, who appear on the music videos.

Type: Sami
Category: Short
Genre: Music
Director: Inger-Mari Aikio
Producer: Ima filbma- ja sátneduodji, Inarin elokuvateollisuus Oy
Voices: Hildá Länsman
Script: Joonas Saari
Country: Finland
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