12 92 minutes 2003

At school they used to call him Bázo, a Sami expression for a slightly retarded person. In his village they still use the name behind his back. In a way it is true. Emil is not the smartest person in the little mountain village where he lives with his father. he never even learned how to read or write properly. His brother, Kenneth, was different. He bought himself an excavator, worked in both Finland and Norway, made a lot of money, and used to ocome on visits with different girlfriends in his shiny Mercedes. One day Emil and his father receive a letter; Kenneth is dead. He has been in an accident with the excavator. Emil goes to Norway looking for whatever may be left of his brother's belongings. The Mercedes is gone. It turns out that all Emil has inherited is an almost new shotgun, a seven-year-old boy, Kenneth's former girlfriend, and his shady business dealings. Together Emil and the boy, Kevin, start looking for the Mercedes, unaware of his dead brother's powerful enemise. It turns out that Kenneth was most likely killed...

Type: Sami
Category: Feature
Genre: Comedy
Actor: Issat Joakim Gaup, Svein Birger Olsen
Country: Norway
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