Stoerre Vaerie - Northern Great Mountain

6 15 minutes 2015

Elle, 80, does not like the Sámi people, in fact, she hates them. Once she was a Sámi herself. Her son persuades her to return to Sámi land, to attend her sister's funeral. Elle has cut all her connections to her family when she chose to become a non-Sámi woman. Now she will have to decide if she could continue to live with all her lies, or give up and reconcile with her past.

Type: Sami
Category: Short
Genre: Drama
Director: Amanda Kernell
Producer: Lars G. Lindström, Oskar Östergren
Actor: Maj-Doris Rimpi, Olle Sarri, Anne Biret Somby, Jonar Thomasson
Country: Norway
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