Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How may I start using Sapmifilm?

Start by creating a user account and sign up for a monthly subscription of NOK 59,- per month (incl. VAT). Then you can browse through the catalog, click on the film you want to play and start watching.

You need an internet connection of minimum 5 Mbit/s.


  1. Which platforms are supported?

Sapmifilm is running an HTML5 videoplayer. This is a player supported by every modern browser, and you don’t need plugins like Flash or Silverlight.

The video player supports using Chromecast and AirPlay for casting to external screens. Subtitles, however, are not supported by AirPlay. This will be supported in a future release.

Win10 og MacOS browser support:

Chrome version 30+

Firefox version 42+

IE 11 (Windows 8+)

Safari version 8+

Opera version 15+


Android og Apple iOS support:

Android 6.0+

iOS 10+


  1. Can Sapmifilm be used by schools and libraries?

Yes. Every film has both private and institutional rights, enabling teachers and librarians to use the films for educational and/ or amusement purposes. The VOD service can also be used by other public institutions.


  1. Do the films have subtitles?

Yes, most films have subtitles in English.  


  1. Can I cast from my device to a larger screen?

Yes. From Android you can use Chromecast and from iOS/ Apple you can use AirPlay to AppleTV. Please note that subtitles through casting is not supported. This will be supported in a later release.


  1. Are Cookies being used?

Yes. Cookies are being used to improve the user experience of Sapmifilm.


  1. Can I connect to the service regardless of my location?

No. Due to agreements with the right holders the films can only be watched from an IP address within Norway, Sweden or Finland. You can see your IP address here.


  1. Why does the film stop playing?

There are several potential reasons why the playback can stop and why the films may start buffering.

If you have a poor and/ or unstable internet connection, pls see 1). If you are on wifi, you can try using cable instead. You can also stop and restart the film, restart your browser or restart your wifi router. Further you can choose a lower bitrate by clicking the Settings-icon in the player. If you have an older device, try switching to a newer one.

Other programs running, ie. downloading of system updates or larger files (desktop devices), may influence playback of the film and should not be run simultaneously.


  1. Can I buy films for full ownership?

No. Due to rights you can only hire the content through subscription.


  1. Can I download the films?

No. Due to rights you can only watch the films through continously streaming over the internet.


  1. For how long does the subscription last?

The subscription lasts until you stop it. There is no locking period and you can terminate the subscription at any time by logging into "My Page" and unsubscribe.

There is a one month's notice period, running from the first day of the following month after the subscription has been terminated. You have ordinary access to Sapmifilm for the whole period.


  1. Why is there no audio?

Please check the volume button in the player. If this is on, please check the volume control on your device.


  1. What kind of technology is being used?

Sapmifilm is running an HTML5 videoplayer with the video stream being distributed by Microsoft Azure CDN. You don’t need Flash or other plug-ins to play the films.


  1. How are the music rights safeguarded?                                                                               

Sapmifilm is covered through our agreements with both Tono (Norway), Stim (Sweden) and Teosto (Finland). These agreements cover terms and safeguard the interests of the individual music rightsholders in the different countries. 

    15. What are the terms for using Sapmifilm?

Terms of use