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Terms of use

1. General

Sapmifilm is an Indigenous film streaming service provided by the International Sami Film Institute (ISFI). The service is available for both private end consumers and the institutional consumer market. A subscription gives you access to Sámi and Indigenous short, feature- and documentary films. Note that there is a selection of films that are not included in the subscription, these films can be rented individually. Before watching a film for the first time on Sapmifilm, you must create a user account and enter into a subscription agreement. It's also possible to rent a small selection of films individually without an active subscription. You are responsible for ensuring that no one can access your login information and password. If you suspect that someone other than yourself has been granted access, contact immediately.

2. User profile

The user needs to register a username and password in order to create a login to the streaming service and start the subscription or rent a film. The username needs to be a valid e-mail address. Access to the streaming service is limited to the geographical territory of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland and Canada. Every film in the streaming service is protected by copyright laws. The customer is not allowed to copy and/or save the digital film files. Abuse of the streaming service may result in the customer being excluded from any further use.

3. Pricing and payment information

The subscription costs NOK 59 per month (incl. VAT). This is equivalent to approx. € 6. The subscription lasts until you stop it. There is no locking period, and you can terminate the subscription at any time by logging into "Account" and unsubscribing. There is a one month notice period, running from the first day of the following month after the subscription has been terminated. You have ordinary access to Sápmifilm for the whole period. Some films must be rented individually. These are available 48 hours after payment. You don´t need a subscription to rent this movie.

4. Prerequisites for using the streaming service

Films in the streaming service can be played on both PC and Mac, as well as on tablets and smartphones running iOS or Android. Sápmifilm supports all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari). You can use AirPlay and Chromecast for casting to larger screens. You need to have the necessary equipment and internet capacity to watch the films. Access to the films is limited to the geographical area of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland and Canada. As a customer, you are responsible for ensuring that the streaming service is not used in violation of applicable laws and regulations in your country.

5. Invocation clause

The streaming service is covered by the Cancellation Act. Read more here.

6. Inappropriate content

There might be content in the streaming service that may be considered unsuitable for minors or others. You are responsible for not having minors accessing inappropriate content through your user account.

7. Error on films

If you believe that the service contains errors, please notify us by email:, within two (2) months from the time the issue occurred. The complaint must contain information such as the title of the film impacted by the error, the date and time of the error/delay, and which internet service provider and equipment you were using at the time the incident occurred.

8. Processing of personal data

Upon registration, all personal data will be processed in accordance with Norwegian law and guidelines from The Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

9. Change of terms and content

The streaming service reserves the right to change the terms and/or content at any time.

10. Disputes

The agreement is governed by Norwegian law.

11. Contacting information

The International Sami Film Institute (ISFI), responsible editor of Sapmifilm. Norgesfilm AS, Technical supplier of Sapmifilm.