Analyze the film


The tasks are suitable for students in upper secondary school.


When you analyze a film you are trying to find out what the film is telling us. What is the story? What kind of cinematic techniques are being used? 


Start with watching the film. It is a good idea to have a notebook at hand so that you can make notes while you’re watching. 


Answer these questions after watching the film: 

  1. How is the story in the film structured? 
  2. Describe the characters in the film? 
  3. Describe the way nature is portrayed in the film?
  4. What themes does the film address? 
  5. Camera angles and movement play an important role in filmmaking. What kind of camera angles are being used at 06:42 and 09:23 in the film?
  6. Shimásání is shot in 35mm black-and-white film. In your opinion, how does the black-and-white effect influence the film experience?