Tasks Shimásání


The tasks are suitable for students in upper secondary school.



Mary Jane, the youngest of the two sisters in the film, is not going to school. She is taking care of the family's sheeps. She wants to go to school but her grandmother does not give her permission.


  • Why do you think only one of the sisters is allowed to go to school?


Even though Mary Jane's older sister is permitted to go to school, she keeps running away from school. 


  • Why doesn't she like it at school?


Mary Jane

Mary Jane is a daydreamer. After she took a look in her older sister's school book, she got a glimpse of other parts of the world that are “just over the mountain.” When the film ends Mary Jane is standing by a cross road where she has to make a choice. Will she stay with her grandmother, or travel and explore the world beyond?


Write a short story about Mary Jane's life when she is 30 years old. 

  • How will her life be?
  • Where does she live?
  • What has she experienced in life?


The Navajo reservation

The film is set in the Navajo reservation in the 1930's. Make a presentation about the Navajo reservation. 


The presentation should contain parts about:

  • Location and population
  • Brief history
  • Traditions and culture
  • The Hogan - the traditional Navajo home.


Take a look at Hooghan (also directed by Blackhorse Lowe) for further inspiration.