Review the film Hilbes biigá

Author: Tina Andersson, Ragna Marie Tørdal (CC BY-SA),


Review the film Hilbes biigá

First discuss these questions with the person sitting next to you, or together in class: 

  • Do you know of any films about youth culture, alcohol testing and peer pressure?
  • Do you like this kind of film?
  • Is there a difference between being young in big cities like Stockholm and Oslo, compared to smaller places like Umeå and Kautokeino?


In this assignment, you will write a film review for the Sámi short film Hilbes biigá. You must watch the film before doing the tasks.


Remember that a good film review should include the title of the film, information about who made it, a description of the genre and theme, and an assessment of the narrative technique and tools. Also feel free to put the film into context with other similar films.


Write a film review:

  1. Study the facts about the film. Search for the film on the Internet and read about it on various websites.
  2. Write a review of the film to local newspapers as a guide for those wondering if they should watch this film.