Narrative techniques and tools in Hilbes biigá

Author: Tina Andersson, Mairi Macdonald (CC-BY SA),


Narrative techniques and tools in Hilbes biigá

A film tells stories in ways that engage and touch us. Film uses some of the most effective visual tools available; moving pictures and sound.


a) What is the short film about?


b) Image usage:

  • Describe the order of the pictures in the film.
  • How would the story have been if the pictures were in a different order?


c) Which image frames and camera angles are used?


d) In what way are sound and music used in the film?


e) Describe how the film uses light and color.


f) Describe the arctic tundra these young people are in. Compare with what the natural and cultural landscape looks like where you live. Could the film just as well have been shot in your local environment?


g) Discuss alternative endings and how Máigon and Ánne-Sire are doing afterwards.