The tasks are suitable for students in lower secondary school and upper secondary school.


The horn hat

The film is based on historical events and addresses important topics related to sámi identity.


The horn hat represents a part of sapmi history that is not often talked about. This special hat was worn by some sapmi women until the end of the 1800s. A pietistic church movement (The  Laestadians) condemned the use of the hat, and the hat disappeared when the sapmi women stopped using it. IÄ‘itsilba is about taking the hat back.


  • Do you know of other examples of suppressed expressions of indigenous culture throughout history?
  • What do you think happens with the cultural identity in a group when traditional items, expressions or clothes are no longer allowed?
  • People that disliked the hat also called it “the devilish horn”. Why do you think the hat was compared to the horn of the devil?