When director Elle Márjá Eira discovered the horn hat (čoarveghápir) she became very fascinated. She realised that she knew little about the background story of the hat. She started digging into the dark past of our history. The film is about taking the hat back.


Iđitsilba is inspired by actual events, and it is not so long ago this happened in reality. The film is about one of the darkest parts of Sápmi's history. Incidents that have been both shameful and painful, and that have been kept hidden for many years.


Iđitsilba is part of Seven Sámi Stories which consists of seven films from Sápmi. The project was supported and disseminated by The International Sami Film Institute in 2015. 


Seven directors took part in the project. They each shot a film in Kautokeino in a span of several months.


Funfact: This film was actually filmed in the same place as Pathfinder (1987).