Elle Márjá Eira

Elle Márjá Eira (1983) is a multi-talented artist from Kautokeino, working both as a music composer and film director. 


Her passion for filmmaking goes all the way back to childhood, and her mother always used to have a film camera available at home. When Elle Márjá was only eight years old she grabbed the camera and started filming.


Elle Márjá makes personal films. She always aims to capture the essence of a specific time in a particular life. For her, film and music goes hand in hand. When it comes to IÄ‘itsilba she actually wrote the soundtrack for the film a few years before she made the actual film.


Filmmaking is about finding your own voice and figuring out what you want to say in your heart. Dreams have fascinated me since I was little. The idea that arises in your mind can create a universe in a dream. When you wake up from your sleep, you think that all this actually happened (Elle Márjá Eira, 2020).



  • Samene har rett (2019)
  • Iditsilba (2015)
  • Giehka (2014)
  • Guodohit (2013)